Morning Playlist

"Peace and Quiet" by The Countryside.
"Pitter-Patter" by My Footsteps.
"Far-Off Calling" by Birds in the Sky.
"Low Rumble" by Distant Traffic.
"Arguements" by Rooks in the Trees.
"Squawks" by Seaguls on the Wing.
"Rustling" by Feet Trampling Leaves.
"Hellos!" by Friends Passing By.
"Excited Squeaks and Shouts" by Children in the Playground. 
"A Rhythmic Beeping" by Warning Lights Flashing.
"Whirring" by Decending Barriers. 
"Rumble and Roar" by Train Passing By.
"Stillness" by Train Having Gone.
"Jingling Clinking Mechanical. Scrapping" by Key in the Lock.

..."Thoughts" by Alone With Mine.

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