(I Never) It Would Take Too Long

I never saw Bowie live,
nor have I climbed Mount Everest.
I've never swam in shark infested seas,
with a cage or without!
...and I never had tea with the Queen.

I've never bathed in the river Ganges.
I never wandered the desert floor with the Nomads.
I was never part of a camel train and slept with the Bedouin in their tents underneath an endless canopy of stars.
...I think I've never seen a ghost.

I've never robbed a bank.
I've never held up a stagecoach on a horse with a pistol in my hand and a mask across my face,
nor planned a heist.
...I've never smelt the inside of a prison.

I never went to the moon.
I've never flown on Concorde first class and arrived before I set off!
Never flew on Concorde in any class!
...but it would take too long to list the things I have done!

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