I'm Not Just The Clothes I Wear

I'm not just the clothes I wear,
nor the haircut I sport,
nor the shoes which marked your nice clean floor,
nor the crazy bright trousers I'm often found wearing!

I'm not the car I drive,
the house I live in,
nor the job I do.

I am me.
It's taken me 60 years to work that out,
why I wear my hair the way I do,
I wear the shoes I do, 
and wear those crazy coloured trousers!
I drive that car because I love it,
and because it's so 'terribly me'.
I am my family and my children and my home.
I am my crazy dog!

Look again!
Notice the colourful paint stains on my finger nails,
the laughter lines around my face,
my scarred hands,
the cheeky,
childish demeanor,
and the joy on my face when it starts to snow in April!

I have done more than you'll ever know,
but I am most definitely not, just the clothes I wear!

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