Who Knows What Normal Is?

"Did you have a normal childhood?" they ask.

You mean was my mother killed in a terrible car crash when I was just 6 so I don't really remember her? 

You mean did my father abuse me? 

You mean did I grow up in a country ravaged by war?

You mean did we have to scrabble around for our food and water? 

You mean did a pseudo religious sect take over our village, kill all the men and rape all the women? 

You mean did I spend most of my childhood dressed in rags, bitterly cold, hungry and alone? 

You mean did I see my father be shot in the head by a representative of some 'tin-pot' regime?

You mean did I grow up not having a family, 
in an institution or on the streets? 

You mean, 
was I loved? 

Was I warm; fed and happy? ...Yes.

Did I know my place in the world,
my place in the structure of a loving family,
did I have relatives to visit,
wonderful trips away,
...Yes I did.

Did I have a normal childhood?

...who knows what normal is?

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