Hanging On For A Sort Of Normal

Hanging on for the vaccine. 
'my turn',
my place in the queue reaching the front,
feeling that jab in my arm and knowing everything is going to be OK.
... sort of hanging on.

Hanging on for Spring.
sunshine on my face,
see and smell the flowers,
daffodils, snow drops, bluebells,
warmer, longer and lighter days
... sort of hanging on.

Hanging on for something different.
different headlines on the evening news,
different 'splashes' across the front pages,
different things to talk about with different people
...sort of hanging on.

I'm hanging on for normal.
I wanna to do normal things.
I wanna to go to the pub or to the restaurant.
I wanna go shopping.
I wanna go to live shows and see concerts,
have family days out without breaking the law,
and I don't wanna do it wearing a mask.

...I think I'm hanging on for a sort of normal!

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