As You Read This

As you read this,
someone's life has just ended.
Someone has been told that their lifes journey is soon to end,
someone's family is being told that their loved one hasn't many steps left to take,
and a family has just said 'good-bye' to someone they loved most dearly,
on their final journey. 

As you read this,
a new life has just been created.
A new person is entering the world to start their,
as yet uncharted journey.
Someone who was meant to start their journey has just been taken; too soon.
Someone's family has just been told that all their plans for this new person,
must be put on hold,
that the journey for this new person cannot start,
it was just not meant to be,
as you read this,
a young; 'would be mother'...

As you read this
a person is celebrating.
A person is filled with joy over an achievement,
a success!
But a person is in pain, 
a person has just failed.

As you read this,
someone is working,
someone is resting.
Someone is eating,
but someone is hungry!
Someone is very happy
but someone is thinking of ending their journey,
earlier than it should end,
because someone is in darkness.

As you read this,
someone has just won,
someone has just lost.
Someone is planning to do wrong to others,
someone feels they must help.
Someone has just been converted,
someone has just lapsed.
Someone has just quit,
and someone just started.
Someone has just created,
someone; destroyed. 

After you've read this poem,
what are you doing?

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