Should We Go Out?

Should we go out?
(weather in doubt)

'Brollies' or 'macks'?
'Wellies' and slacks!

Locking the door -
rain starts to pour!

Umb'rella muddles
reflections in puddles!

Leaves taking flight
coat hood held tight!

Skies ugly black -
should we go back?

Logs - roaring fire
tea and tumble dryer!

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War Child.

Little girl, trying to sleep in your bed
don’t listen to the sound of the bombs nearby
just close your eyes and try not to cry
and let your brother sing you a lullaby.

And don’t listen to the noise of the guns
as the bullets flash by your door, don’t cry
just think of the peace found in sleep
while your brother sings you a lullaby.

Little girl, as you sleep in your bed
when you dream, try not to dream of the day
when soldiers came with their guns
and took your father away.

And when you wake up to a new day
looking for the sun, through the dust and smoke
try to find some hope in that terrible place
as you and your brother strive to cope.

Little girl, war is the world of grown ups
and there is nothing you can do
even if you tell them of your fear and sorrow
no one will listen to you.

But when the war is over and done
and you no longer hear an exploding shell
maybe your young life will be a better place
more like Heaven and less like Hell.