Pembrokeshire Sky

as long as eternity 
but twice magnified 
forever and ever
but four times as wide

with clouds of fine cotton 
performing a dance
all pierced by aeroplanes 
as if with a lance

its birds sing; rejoice!
whilst they're on the wing
adding to the canvas
as they sweetly sing

azure-cyan blue
its fine canvas; high
the one that all others
will be measured by

so set up a contest
I know who'll win!
the Pembrokeshire sky 
is a certain 'shoe-in'!

Dam Right Hypocritical

She - 'the grumpy one'
moaned and grumbled 
and grumbled and moaned
about her order
and she was not a happy bunny!

He - sounding for all the world like a solicitor 
on his mobile
sharp of tone
slow and authoritative 
speaking with knowledge 
trying to sort out some boundary dispute 
for all to hear
egged on 
of course
by 'the Grumpy one'
who - a pound to a penny
caused all the fuss in the first place!

"Well, the orders late!
It's been fifteen minutes since we ordered!
I've been in once!"

"Yes, well we didn't plant the hedge
the council must have done it!"

"This place came highly recommended by Cynthia you know!
it's such a shame!"

" which case it is the councils responsibility"

Then all of a sudden!

"...oh, there she is!
It's about time!" 
'the grumpy one' exclaimed!

a lady
weighed down with a tray came towards them both
full of sincerity 
full of apologies 
honest and genuine 

then she - 'the grumpy one'
became as nice as pie!

"Oh yes we understand"
"Oh yes you must be busy!"
"oh what a lovely spot you have here"
"isn't it such a shame you can't find staff, it must be so difficult when you are so busy"

Chalk and cheese
Night and day
Left and right
Big and small
Rich and poor
Happy and sad

Two faced!
and dam right hippocratical!!


footprints stretched along the beach
by all the feet that past this way
a moment; frozen; there in time
before the sea washes all away 

prints of shoes and sandled feet
single tacks along the sand
some in pairs; in parallel lines
were maybe of lovers; hand in hand

prints of large bare feet; wide spread
a bare foot man; I would suppose 
his daily jog along the shore
the one with sand between his toes

the playful prints of happy dogs
jumping skipping; chase the ball!
a happy dog; let loose to run
will leave the most footprints of all!

a sunny day; a gorgeous beach
and the best; let's not forget
yes there's sun and sea and sky
...but we haven't left our footprints yet!

The Wind

the wind blows
rattles letterboxes 
swirls leaves into piles 
bangs garden gates
whistles tunes through the trees...
and blows people into our lives
people that
if the wind hadn't blown
if the letterboxes hadn't rattled
if the leaves didn't swirl
and the garden gates hadn't banged 
these meetings might not have occurred 
if this wind had not swirled these people into our lives
then our lives would be the poorer for it
but alas 
as the wind blows people into our lives
so does it blow them out again...

but remember
even if it does
we will be all the better for having known them.

(RIP Ian)

Peace and Beauty

To sit and hear the great waves crash
upon the rocks so mighty smash
to feel a single raindrop splash
upon your sleepy face

and sit and dream where swallows play
and catch the last sun of the day
and watch the high clouds drift away 
the moon will soon appear

and see the shapes the high clouds make
until through darkness; stars awake
to disappear at dawns daybreak
and welcome back the sun

watch aeroplanes fly overhead 
as trails across the sky are thread
I think that I'll stay here instead
in simple peace and beauty!

The Red Balloon

(Inspired by and so credited to "The Dave Clark Five" and my version of the words to their tune, 'Red Balloon')

In and out of the 'Red Balloon'
sleepy head in the afternoon
'day is over far too soon
putting the beer away.

Up and down the right arm goes
up and down the highs and lows
the higher then the bar 'tab' goes
another wasted day.

In and out the deserted squares
up and down the wooden stairs
knocking over noisy chairs
a house in disarray.

In and out of consciousness 
up and down but never-the-less
across the step once more digress
the glass in hand betrays

In and out of the 'Red Balloon
sleepy head in the afternoon 
the end is coming very soon
as I lye in a daze