Don't complain about
your situation. Others
would love your problems

Christmas in November

The seasonal Costa offering.
Promotions on shelves and adverts on telly.
Songs on play lists.
Decorations on cars
red and green everything,
and the premature smothering of houses in twinkly lights.

More sparkle than there should be.
More references to,
more signs of.

...Christmas in November 


A discarded scratch 
card. Remember, lady luck's
a fickle mistress 

Schrodingers Road Sign

"Schrodingers" road sign.
The sign reads,
"This sign is not in use"

A New Day Takes Charge

Through the dark of an autumn morning,
the suns light slowly appears.
At first,
just a chink,
a faint line above the trees.
Shapes start to form on the damp surfaces where there were none.
features emerge out of the dark.
Car headlights,
once fierce,
having lost their menace,
seemingly shine less brightly.
The gloom is fading away and a new day takes charge. 


Nine hundred and ninety nine pieces is not a complete 'one thousand piece' jigsaw.
Every piece is important.
Every piece plays a part,
so we mustn't loose anymore pieces

Every life is important in this jigsaw that we call our world.
We must make sure we don't loose anymore jigsaw pieces down the back of the worlds sofa because...

with every individual piece which is lost,
the 'whole' is further diminished,
to a point where it simply,

 ...can no longer be