Doors fascinate me!
Smart town doors on smart town houses in smart areas of smart towns owned by smart people!
'Felicity and Jemima' at a smart private school,
a smart pair of cars in the smart driveway,
a driveway no less!
Smartly painted deep blue or vermilion red doors - with a very large,
brass knocker in the shape of a lions head on the front!
Successful people leading successful lives behind smart doors!

Scruffy doors,
Scruffy doors on industrial buildings.
Doors on closed down commercial ventures!
Behind that door started somebody's dream,
a dream to run a successful business, 
now crumbled and empty behind a shut, 
locked and pealing door,
maybe a repossessed door!
What went wrong?

Pub doors! 
Small thin double doors.
"Come on in!
Buy a pint and a bag of pork scratchngs!
Come and watch the telly!
We've got 'Sky'
Spend your cash behind our doors!"

Shop doors left open to entice us in,
fascinating sounds and smells going on inside.
Restaurants with doors,
locked but with a scribbled note stuck to the inside saying,
"Open tonight at 6pm, please come and visit us then. Book online!"

Big chain stores with multiple doors,
but which door to choose?
"No not that one!
         ...that's the exit!"

Huge doors.
Tiny doors - how does anyone get in through those without banging their head!
Glass doors you can hardly see,
big heavy solid wooden doors covered in metal studs - almost threatening!
Rotating doors in posh hotels,
always open yet always closed - very clever!
Automatic doors that 'swoooosh' open as you walk past like the doors on the 'bridge' of the star-ship 'Enterprise'.

All types sorts and sizes and shapes and colours and materials and ages and designs and; and...

...and all we want to know is,

         ...what's going on behind them?

Let This Adventure Begin

It is the time of the 'early morning jogger'
and the 'pre work dog walker'.
People are dotted about the streets, 
perhaps some aiming to get milk and papers from the local shop,
 ...when it opens!
It's early!

It is not quite light - so it isn't properly day time.
But it is not dark anymore - so it can't be night!
It's lovely if you're out and about but would normally be found at work,
that means today has an adventure in store for you!

A sunrise is about to commence,
there's a hint of orange across the horizon.
A low lying mist settling in the hollows trys to hide from it.
There is peace and quiet.
The noises of modern life haven't yet started,
everything is calm - 
but its a special kind of calm.
It is a beautiful time of day,
a time which many people never get to see
...let this adventure begin!


To save the moth from
a web; or to deprive the 
spider of a meal?

You Remember That

It's always the busiest person you must ask for a favour,
and the pub with the busiest carpark which serves the best ale.

It's always the ones with the shortest legs who want to run around the most,
and the one with the speach impediment who won't stop talking.

It's always the ones with the worst voice who always 'sing' the loudest,
and the one with the most generous heart who has the least.

Its always the quiet ones you need to be careful of,
because waters with a still surface are the ones that run deep.

So it's always the one whom you'd  least expect to do it; who do,
'cos it's always the most depressed person who has the happiest face. remember that!

Chaos (What could go wrong?)

A Friday evening. 
A summer Friday evening.
A bank holiday weekend; summer Friday evening.
A last weekend of the summer holidays, bank holiday weekend; Friday evening!
A local air display last weekend of the summer holidays bank holiday weekend Friday evening!

...what could go wrong?

Trying To Get a Pair of 80 year olds Out The Door (Is It Switched On?)

Trying to get two '80 year olds' out of the door to go shopping is like trying to get blood out of a stone,
like try to knit fog,
hurd cats,
nailing jelly to a wall,
pushing a blancmange up a hill with a feather duster.

#2 to #1
"Have you got your mobile and is it switched on?",
"Yes, I have my mobile but it's not switched on", replies #1
"Well switch it on!" says #2 "so I can ring you!"
"OK, I'll just go and get it".
"You said you had it!" questions #2
"Where's the shopping list?" #1 asks
"It's on the side there" points #2.
#1 picks it up, then drops it on the floor,
then ignores it.
"Right I'll just go and get my mobile" #1 adds.
"Is it switched on!" repeats #2
#1 goes to get mobile,
walking over shopping list now on the floor,
comes back with mobile and now is wearing a cardigan. 
#1 goes to put mobile in small cardigan pocket,
"No no no, that's no good, you'll loose it!" says #2 "is it switched on?" they add.
"I'll go and get my coat" says #1
#1Takes off the cardigan, whilst #2 pops out to do something in the driveway, smartly returning saying,
"I'll do that later".
#1 also returns.
"Where's the shopping list?" asks #1
"On the floor" says #2
#1 puts the mobile in one pocket of the jacket,
then picks up shopping list, putting that in the other pocket.

"Now. Have you told the gardener?" #1 asks #2
"Yes" replies #2.
"Is it switched on?"
"Have you told the cleaner?" #1 asks #2.
"Yes" replies #2
"Is it switched on?"

"Is it switched on?" asks #2 of #1
"What?" replies #1
"Your mobile, is it switched on? I need to ring you!"
"No, but I'll switch it on",
as we finally head for the door.
"Is it switched on" #2 repeats,
"OK. I'll make sure I switch it on!" #1 replies, fumbling with the mobile.
"It's switched on!" #1 exults!

...we leave the house.