Random observations #4

Man stares deeply into his coffee.
"No! I've already had deja vu" he says,
as young couple have full-on 'song' in their car,
but he is dyslexic and really wanted a 'full on snog!'
Old lady notices and 'tuts'.
The plumbers bathroom tap drips,
as bright morning sunlight floods the hallway.
Go fly a kite.

Random Observations #3

Peat's been banned from garden centres.
"What's Peat done?"
asks a curious pigeon with a 'rolly' behind his left ear.

Me? I'd rather sit in a stand and get hypothermia than go to the shops in my pyjamas and dressing gown.
Bet that took the edge off the shop keepers day!

The octopus came to tea.
"So does a loaf of brown bread cancel out a bottle of white wine?
...I mean morally that is".
I'm doing this; so I can do all that,
on a different shitty day!
"Is that alright?"


At the age of 10,
is there anything more exciting, 
than going into a shop,
with your Dad,
with a shiny £1 coin,
warm in your tightly clasped hand,
for you to spend,
on what you like!

Is there? 

Random Observations #1

Sat on a bench in a park,
a screen with a mask on.
Gale force wind.
I wear a coat so it must be cold,
the strong breeze takes a bald mans hat off
and the 'Gates' blow shut on a relationship of money verses love.

The weather forecast did say wind,
but for no reason!
The wind blows itself away. 
...Lying snow!
Bragging and telling tales,
about how, 
to be an artist,
you must have a fab pair of glasses!
Pool door opens.

Random Observations #2

Full-time four wheeled drive system takes day off. 
Fridge talks to me in quiet of early morning.
Mr Smith forgets his cup.
Radio plays song,
wakes ghosts of times past.
In haste, 
man spills coffee.
Drops of rain touch my face
as the road climbs sharply in front of me.
Traffic lights change.


Move whilst your body
is able to move; think whilst your mind will allow.