Powerful. Powerful Music

Powerful music...

Take a few notes,
a whole track.

One instrument,
a whole orchestra!

A single piece of music,
but the same piece of music.

To some,
love excitement passion,
even tears...

it's like fingernails down a blackboard...


Powerful music!


The 'clink' of a dropped
coin. Look and it's a penny,
don't and it's a pound!


Cobwebs; frozen by
a winters chill; hang like the
rigging of a ship


Amazon sales soar
tier 3 to tier 4
pandemic; Tom Moore.

All working online
'zoom' background's devine!
Sales of red wine.
...at home.

The hurt; the despair 
the love and the care,
now someone's not there.
...death toll. 

Keyworkers; NHS
The jab? Say yes!
Hooray! Success! 
...a vaccine! 

Celebrations; no fear!
No parties 'round here
no canapes; nor beer!
...but social distancing.

Test, track and trace,
hands, face, space,
is the vaccine in place?



How ignorant we
were, this time last year! Dark clouds
bringing more than rain.

Le Fret

Egrets feed in early morning sunlight on abandoned world war two defenses.

Skeletons of hulls slip inevitably into the silt.

Yachts at moorings ‘Clink and clank’ in gentle breeze as men with forks scratch at low tide for bait to fish.

Day trippers queue for ferry.