Why is it that when the clocks go forward  - we must
always forget, the one clock to adjust
and where does darkness, in morning, go
and, can one have a small big toe?
And when it rains you always stand
where that huge raindrop wants to land
And why is it when you've just washed your car
the incontenent seagulls are never too far?
And why, if you look for the coin you drop
you have to dismantle the half of the shop
to find the coin, now disappeared 
on hands and knees making you look all weird
the money gods telling you to 'take a hike'
you know you are not going to find the coin you'd like 
The week you wanted off went to Steve from HR
and the week that you were given, you crashed your car 
although you said it wasn't of your doing
your insurance company tell you, it's you they're suing!
And why, of all the things your little toe could hit
why does your toe hit, the solid bit
And who was 'sod' - and what's his law
and why doesn't 'Murphy' know what it's for
I think it's to do with all you've just read
quite why it can't go right instead
I know not so,
...(Sigh) so I'm off to bed!

(because me toe hurts!)

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