Should I?

Should I send you a card 
I hear your mother's died - you'll have to send me your address 'though.
...should I - would that be a kind thing to do?

Should I attend your brother's funeral - because I never actually knew him
...should I - but what would be the point?

Should I send you details of a good divorce lawyer?
They might be able to get back some of that cash that that bloke conned out of you.
They're also are good at getting compensation - I hear you recently  had complications after a procedure!
...should I - or is that too cold?

...should I say I'm sorry because you're unable to have children - when I don't even know you?

...should I say sorry because you lost your job?

...should I say sorry 
because that plane crashed 
and many people died?
I wasn't on it!

...should I say sorry because the world's in a mess?
but my life is fine!

...should I say sorry because too many people are starving?
My life is comfortable!

...should I say sorry?
well should I? you want me to?
Would that be a kind thing to say?

Should I?
Would it help if a stranger said sorry?
What if I said it but didn't mean it?

...would that help?

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