Remember when all these houses were fields? - the city seemed so far away!
Remember when that was the show ground? - all the show traffic clogging up the roads for miles!
Remember when eating and drinking in the street was considered the height of vulgarity? - now you feel wierd if you aren't eating and drinking in the street!
Remember having the confidence that these young people have - were we ever that confident?
Remember when that shop used to be a 'Woolies'? - it's a fast-food outlet now!
Remember when you wouldn't see employees 
huddled outside the back doors of shops 
having a fag or a vape - nor dossers drinking cheap lager at ten in the morning!
Remember when every other shop wasn't a coffee shop - and people weren't walking and talking into their mobiles?
Remember that that used to be where I caught the bus home - now they're knocking it down!
Remember when you and I met on that platform - they've taken away those red benches we sat on!
Remember those old red double decker buses in the high street - you could jump on and off the rear platform!
Remember the old corrugated stand at the football stadium
Remember when no-one thought they needed to offer you their seat on the train
Remember when everyone didn't look so young

Remember when...

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