But You Don't See Me

I see you!
Hanging there
defing gravity 
making patterns in the sky 
trails stitching clouds together
full with people exploring far off lands
visiting loved ones
fufilling dreams 
I see the excitement on their faces
the anticipation in their hearts - I see you!
...but you don't see me

I see you!
there in your tractor 
drawing straight furrows across the earth
turning the soil with your plough
for seeds to sow 
I see the seagulls following you
flying high above you as you work the land
searching for a meal - I see you!
...but you don't see me

I see you!
Tracing a line across the water
your tiny boat on giant seas
the ropes you work
your nets to catch the fish 
your bright yellow waterproofs keeping you warm and dry
I see the relentless toil 
written across your face
the hopes and dreams in the lines across your 'work worn' hands - I see you!
...but you don't see me

I see you
all of you
from high upon a hill-top road
snug inside my car
speeding to where I need to be
doing what I need to do
I see you
I see you all 
going to where you need to go
doing what you need to do - I see you!

...but you don't see me

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