We, We Two, One, Us

I am - 'me'
the personal pronoun - 'I" 
I've always been - 'me'
I thought I didn't know how to be anyone else - but I found a way
when I became - 'us'
when I met - 'her'
when I asked - 'her'
the big question
and she said - "yes!"
so she and I became - 'we'
'we two'
and we've been - 'we'
'we two'
for so many years
so much so that 
being - 'we'
'we two'
is all I know - now
who would I be if there were no 'we'
'we two'
for - at some point in time
one of us is going to loose the other 
what we have 
can all be swept away so very quickly!

have I forgotten who I am
what the personal pronoun 'I' means anymore
what 'being me' - is or was?

Who I am?
Who would I be?
could I ever be 'me' again?

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