Take To Your Bed

Take to your bed
for winters cold dark days cometh
and with it 
that jolly rogue "Jack Frost
He'll set about his antics
bringing a chill 
which taketh from us 
the old and the frail
freezing their final breath before their very eyes

His playful 
devil-may-care manner
will nip at your fingertips
yet leave beautiful "iced ferns"
to decorate your windows
he'll freeze your pipes
but colour white
the thatched roofs of the cities houses

take to your bed - wrap up warm
for "Jack Frost" slips in unbeknownst 
under doorways
blows in through draughty windows
billowing curtains
darting hither-and-thither
confusing our minds
slowing us down 
with fumbling fingers
and impaired judgement 
reach for your warmest attire
but take to your bed 
and so
with a hot beverage

don't let "Jack Frosts" mischief

...take you away

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