Speeding Through Cornwall

Speeding through Cornwall
on the G-W-R
warm and comfortable
and quite near the bar!

Stations we stop at
some we fly through
wind turbines spinning
powering the view

Woods, estuaries 
a church with a steple
the back garden views
and roads full of people

Ponies in paddocks
sheltering in hedges
sheep in the fields
with trees 'round the edges

Viaducts and bridges
branchlines that go
to seaside destinations
with names that you know

Passengers baggage
cases on wheels
dogs in their harnesses
and women in their heels

Staring at mobile screens
tapping away
checking connections 
for the rest of the day

Speeding - no wait!
this stop wasn't planned
an announcement about something
I don't understand 

Dam and blast!
now this just won't do!

...so pour me another 
I'm getting sick of this view!

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