Loose Screw

I have a screw loose
it's somewhere on the floor
I had a disaster in the bathroom
and now I can't open the door

I have a screw loose
I think I'm a little unhinged
the door came off into the hallway
my eyebrows were terribly singed

I have a screw loose
hairdriers flying as I fell
the shock made me leap a world record
singing them badly as well

I have a screw loose!
the door nearly flattened the cat
good job he saw the thing coming
or that'd be the end of that!

flying cats can damage many things
imagine a flying bag of nails
claws, and all that that brings

I think I really do have a screw loose!!!
I only went in for a wee
the cat stripped of half of the wallpaper
and has set both the budgerigars free

I think I must have a lye down now!!!!
in a dark room with a strong cup of tea
I really think I have a screw loose
which I think is gonna be
the end 
of me!

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