Out of My Way (I must get home)

The carpark's full with cars
the supermarket's jammed
with queues of people at the tills
out of my way I must get home
I'm stuck - I think
my plans are damned!

People crowd the pavement
I've got so much to do!
Cars and buses in the street
out of my way I must get home
I have a plan
I must get through!

I cannot cross the road
for vehicles in a steady stream 
lorries, buses and bicycles
out of my way I must get home
with pressure rising
I want to scream!

Getting home's an imperative
to put everything into action
but for all this 'hullaballoo'
I'd have a plan
with some traction!

Out of my way I'm nearly home
it's more than I can stand!
I'll dump my coat in the hall
sit down
...and do nothing
   ...as I had planned!

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