Why Must Life be so Hard

Why must life... (sigh)
             ...be so hard

I've got so much to do
the staff are "oh-so-slow"
It's such a job to organise them
I've got to choose the red for dinner - the Malbec or the Bordeaux?

Why must life... (sigh)
             ...be so hard

The children take up so much time
nanny's not much use!
there's always so much that they need
where are they now - has nanny let them loose?

Why must life... (sigh)
             ...be so hard

Freddy needs new glasses
Timmy's under the "doc"
Lottie needs t'muck out the horses
and Cynthia at a birthday bash - tore her lovely party frock 

Why must life... (sigh)
             ...be so hard
There's nothing out for supper
I don't know what to do!
Cook is on her Friday off
I could go down and have a bash - but I simply don't have a clue!

Oh why must life be so hard!

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