Tipton St John

the village carpark is full to bursting 
the shop door is jammed open
Saturday overtime is being put in at the village garage
man walking his dog has a furtive cigarette as he goes
as a mother walks with her son
late and lazy breakast smells 
exit from extractor fans
smells emanating from the village pub - draw you in
as does the sign reading  "10:30 coffee club"
competing with teas and coffees on sale at the cricket pavilion 
long passed the cricket season being called OVER!
the churches graveyard
full with headstones
loving words written
people remembered
graves tended
flowers left
sat overlooking the village school 
perhaps known to those who take eternal rest
a school sitting quietly 
awaiting the end of the half term break
as a lady on a horse
ambles passed the former railway station 
now unwelcoming of patronage 
hiding as it does behind a tall hedge
its last train long since departed
now a much loved home
the former level crossing obvious only to those who know
alongside the river 
quietly passing
as water babbles in the brook behind the main street 
joined by the chatter from groups of cyclists as they pass
and a sunny Saturday morning 
busily takes shape - as if people know about the incoming rain

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