Old people with their old dogs
how they like it
the old fashion way
in their old motor homes
with their old bikes strapped to the back
old school
her with her old man
as old as the hills
two gallons of petrol
the old way
as old as time
old hat
off visiting old ruined castles 
old towns full of old things 
old shops full of old tat
frequenting old pubs with 'oldie worldie' charm
pootling along in their new 'old syle' cars
spending the kids inheritance 
a chip off the old block
him with the old geezers cap on
in their old age
old but not over the hill
visiting old places steeped in old history
admiring old bridges over old river beds
any old how
haunts of old 
they've been there before
like it used to be in the olden days
mind the old bill there!
rely on the old boys network 
maybe looking up an old flame 
her in the oldest profession 
how old are you?
tough as old boots!
for old time sake
the dirty old man
an old wives tale
he's up to his old tricks
poor old bugger!
silly old codger!
Old king Cole
and any old iron 

...but d'you know what?
It's not just them
what's getting old
I'm now old too
truth be told!

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