Before A Storm Hits

Before a storm hits
before a storm makes land-fall
a violent storm
a storm like no other - a silence falls
'The calm before the storm'
A kind of serenity covers the land
Before a storm hits
the air is still
birds are silent
all is calm
Before this particular storm hits
streets are empty
very few people are there to be seen save those who are battening down
stocking up
or leaving town

Run away from this storm
hide before this storm lashes out bringing total distruction - but not distroying your resolve
consuming your city's - but not removing the belief you hold in your fellow countrymen 
taking those you hold dear - but not diminishing the love you have for your country 
breaking your spirit - but not eroding your sence of who you are 
this storm will hit hard 
but this storm wont take your fortitude
your nationality 
your will to rebuild 
nor the memories you hold

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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing.
James Coburn