Christmas Day Earlies In A Petrol Station Ain't Fun

At 6.14am I started to get bored,
and we'd only opened 14 minutes earlier!
At 6.15am I was still bored.
6.16am came and went.
6.17am was very dull and 6.18am and 6.19am much the same!

By 6.20am I was properly bored and I started to bang my head against the wall.
This seemed to help little as I found the stars which the activity created mildly amusing!
By 7.03am the stars had gone and the raindrops running down the window started to look unseemly interesting,
far, far more interesting than they normally would be.
By 8.30am I had to have an egg sandwich to stop myself chewing off my left arm through the boredom.
By 9.08am I was so bored I started to do jobs!
I know, amazing hey!

Luckily I did have one or two customers! 
I did forget what to do when the first man walked in an hour and a half after we'd opened though!
It came back to me without the need of anymore head banging and I was able to function almost normally!

The end was almost in sight! 
(No I don't mean my boredom got so bad I started to fold myself in half to look at my bottom),
I mean that the end of my shift time loomed.
The fight between time and boredom started to balanced up.
The phone call from the man who just said,
"Hello, hello, hello!" then hung up helped.
I could see the end - of the shift that is!
Christmas day earlies in a petrol station ain't fun!

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