Its immense and seemingly enless skies.
Cloud upon cloud upon cloud upon cloud,
stretching as far as the eye can see!
Its vast open countryside echoes these seemingly endless skies.
Its natural beauty, 
its birds and its wildlife.
All that history!
Its green pastures meet the seas along its miles of craggy coastline.
Its farmers work its land,
its fishermen harvest the bounty from its turbulent seas.
Its cliffs,
its coastline is shaped by the very gales which are blown in from the deep atlantic.
Bending and shaping its trees and hedgerows,
driving waves onto its shores to shatter its rocks forming sand for its beaches,
its seas rush into its shores,
as waves for its surfers to ride,
its wind for the sails of its yachts to gather,
taking them around and away from its shores.

Almost deserted. 
Ancient and stunningly beautiful!


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