Durrh - Hello! (A Rant)

So the three richest men on this planet,
have a race to get away from it,
in rockets their own companies built.
Like real life "Buzz Light-years",
to colonize space,
the new empire!
Their new empire.
An empire that "Jo Average" can't afford to visit,
so they'll just have to keep flying for 10 days in Torramallinos,
and the planes they take,
will keep adding to the carbon emissions,
and thus the global warming then!

The next venture to swell the company coffers - even further!
Let's take the wild ideas even further!
Holidays in space - but only for other billionaires.
Lets build in space - so the earth might survive!
Thats right,
now we've messed up our own planet, 
let's mess up the space around it!
We've already filled it with thousands of satellites so as Tracy doesn't get lost on her way to Wayne's BBQ using SAT-NAV 'cos she can't read a bloody map!
So other billionaires get to go into space and be able to look back at the mess we're making of the only home we've got,
the one and only 'rock' 
amongst all the other 'rocks' we know of that will support us.

At what point do our hotter summers and warmer winters ring any bells with us?
"Ooh, look at my tan!" Tracy says, "In January too!"
Surely the signs should be calling out to us!
The flash floods,
the scorching wild fires.

...Durrh hello!?!?!

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