The End of an Endless Road

If I thought the road before me was endless,
why would I care to travel it?
What is each step worth on an endless road?
If you treat life as if it were an endless road,
what is the point of even one more step?
It's pointless!

We must learn to enjoy the ride!
Look out of the window at the deer in the fields as we pass,
smile at the people we meet along the way,
stop and say 'hullo',
take time out to enjoy,
time with loved ones,
time with love.

one day,
one day soon,
one day soon we will all end up in a graveyard, 
a graveyard like this one.
This one I sit in now!
One like any other,
one where squirrels chase the shadows to the end of yet another day,
another day that isn't yours.
Where bells chime,
but quiet reigns,
and gravestones stand,
until they can stand no more,
just a slightly unloved graveyard.

A graveyard at the end of an endless road,

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