Oh Mother (First world problems)

(Inspired by Sir John Betjeman and my Saturday morning today)

Oh mother where's the garlic press,
the garlic must be fresh!
I've little time for preparation 
and must get Johnny from the creche!

Oh mother the lawn is full of weeds,
the orchard's so unkempt.
I've no time now to tackle both
you'll have to make an attempt!

Oh mother the fresh ground coffee's 'orf', 
is this the cheaper brand?
The deli round the corner's stuff
is really rather grand!

Oh mother I have to get this done,
this 'paper' for the board.
I've got to do a presentation 
'else they'll 'put me to the sword!'

Oh mother can you walk the dog
the Beagal's going to howl!
She's on the sofa in the study
upon her face a lengthy scowl!

Oh mother I really need your help
Felicity's teacher is due.
It's very important she learns the flute,
like I was unable to do!

Oh mother life's so terribly hard,
the rest'rants, clubs, and tennis.
There's always I've so much to do
and I haven't yet packed for Venice!

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