Mr Spider

There's a spider in the window
as the sunrise I see,
and to the spider I say 'morning!'
as he stares down at me!

He's fixing up his cobwebs
for a catch I've a hunch,
for a tasty little morsel 
he could have for his lunch.

Did you dine well, Mr Spider?
Do you have all you need?
What you caught, was it tasty,
your cobweb, did it succeed?

I'd like to think he's happy
in the window over there,
'cos it's a hard life being a spider, all covered in hair!

Folks run screaming from their kitchens,
they stand on a chair,
but I'm just a little spider don't worry if I'm there.
I won't harm you or hurt you
with a swipe or a bite,
that's my family down under,
'cos with them...
they just might!

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