An Encounter

He came in from the night. 
He was thin - very thin
and had a gaunt and pale complexion.
His overall appearance was dishevelled,
you could say he looked 'shifty'.
His face was weather-beaten  
hardend by life.
He had thin lips - which he kept tightly shut
and supper for this thin
weather beaten soul?
10 cans of cheap lager
with a bag of crisps on the side.

His tobacco stained fingers handed the cashier a crumpled ten pound note 
which he took from a pocket.
It could have been his last - who knows
he certainly didn't look well off
but had a homeless look about him
wearing many layers of dirty clothes
looking like he hadn't the means 
nor the circumstances to do anything about it.

He took his change from the cashier's hand
and loaded his empty rucksack with the lagers - with what looked like a very well practiced routine...

...he then turned
and disappeared back into the night.

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