With The Gun

Sometimes a solid and stable solution is very hard to find
leaving two possible options to keep both parties aligned 
leave the politics to the politicians and
the soldiers to kill
if the poilicians can't fix the problems then I might know who will
give a committed soldier enough training and the weapons to fight
and the method might not be pretty but the outcome just might
yet; can a manufactured peace be forced on those who simply don't care
whether you live or die but would like that your people weren't there 
this situation is far from over and has many years to to run
both sides better start talking, 
or they will finish it with a gun!


Left on the driveway,
the large shiny campervan
of good intentions

Leather Clad

Leather skinned pensioners 
tanned from holiday sun
hotel loungers
dusty Caribbean beaches
in their leather clad soft-top sports car
unable to tell where they end - and the car begins!


Leave the politics
to the politicians and
the soldiers to kill

This Was The Weekend

This was the Saturday where the summer was 
where the sun shone
and we played and went to village fetes 
Saturday was the day we lived for
the day we reached out for from the darkest of Wednesdays
we shopped and cooked and prepared
This was the day of boundless energies

This was the Sunday where the roast dinners where
where we rested
watched television 
we played and had fun 
and slept-in until noon and no-one cared
and where we had to say good bye to the loved ones we'd visited 
and get trains
and take long car journeys 
and then, in the evening 
we had to get everything ready for the morning
this was the day for the week to begin

This was the Monday where the weekend had ended
This was the back to school day
the back to work 
the enevitable morning that you didn't want to happen 
the day you had to catch up on
the day it didn't matter if the sun shone
the day when all you had was a head full of memories 
This was the day you had commitments 

This was the Tuesday we got into the swing of things
at school with all our mates
at work we were up and running
the day when the memories of the weekend passed began to fade
and the weekend ahead seemed so far away
there was no point thinking about it
the day of work that never mattered
This was the nothing day

This is the Wednesday where the darkness was
This was the day where you were so absorbed by work
where you had deadlines to meet
your pile of homework was growing 
but you tried to find a life for yourself 
the day of trying to finding a balance
This was the day of towing the line

This was the Thursday that brought hope
this was the day you could smell the weekend ahead 
where you dared to make plans
maybe book something 
provisionally agree to meet up
This was the day when you noticed the the tunnel actually had a light at the end of it!

And this was the Friday that was almost the weekend
the day that wasn't the weekend but tasted like it
this was the day of school but with the thought of staying up late 
a day of work but with the thought of a night out - hang the consequences!
This was the day where the weekend started

And then ..
this was the weekend!


Early morning and
the colours of autumn drove
me to write haiku