For All Eternity (For Ray)

I'm not afraid to die
when I die
when I cease to be as the world.once knew me 
the atoms that were once me
will disassemble
to eventually 
drift around in space
back to where they originally came from 
round and around and around
so as my atoms
and your atoms 
will meet up once again
and drift around in space 
as one
'hand in hand' so to speak
once more
for all eternity

Smell the Rain

Smell the rain!
'after the hot weather' rain
finally rain after the hot sticky heat
smell it!

Feel the cool!
'after the hot spell' cool
finally a breeze around my feet
feel it!

Hear the rumble!
'after the settled weather' rumble
finally a storm to wash the skies clean
hear it!

Watch the downpour!
'after a long dry spell' downpour
finally a downpour to clear the air!
watch it
hear it
feel it
smell it.

Smell the rain!

In The Mind Of a Four Year Old (Daaad!)

(Think): Where's Dad? 
...what's for tea?"
 (Think): I need a wee!
No I don't need a wee!
"I'm hungry,
and I'm thirsty!
I'm hungry."
(Think): Why won't he give me a drink?
How does he know I'm not thirsty?
"I want a drink!"

(Think): Where's my dolly?
That's nice!
I want one of those! 
Why can't I have one of those? 
I want one of those!"
(Think): Why won't Dad let me have one of those?
I want pink one!
A big pink one!

(Think): Why is that there?
Isn't that butterfly pretty! 
I wonder where that butterfly is going? 
Maybe I should run after it!
I think I'll run after it!
Why can't I fly like a butterfly?
It's gone into the garden...
Isn't this fun!

(Think): I've got nice hair!
We've got Smarties in the kitchen.
Mum bought Smarties.
I like Smarties,
where's Dad? 
Dad always gives me Smarties...
I want Smarties!
I like the pink ones,
they taste the best!"

(Think): What's on telly?
We haven't got a dog!
Why haven't we got a dog?
I want a dog! 
Daaad, please...
I want a dog!"
(Think): I think he's going to let me have a dog!

"Ah Daaad!
Why can't I eat that now?
It's not too hot!
You can have some too!"
(Think): Why can't I have any of that when it's hot?
I won't make a mess!
Why does he think I'll make a mess?

(Think): My dress is pink.
I'll play 'peek-a-boo' with Dad in my pink dress.
Dad likes playing 'peek-a-boo!'
play 'peek-a-boo' with me!
What's for tea?
I want to play with your mobile!"

(Think): When's tea time?
Why must we go out in the car again?
Why are we going out in the car?"
(Think): No I don't need a wee,
I don't need a wee!
Where are we going?

Why are we going out again?"


...I think I need a wee!"


The lady with Porsche
never looks happy! Things don't 
bring you happiness


the stifling urban heat...
so the city is soaking up the sun
the roads are melting
tracks are buckling 
pollution increases
health is affected 
people are fainting
A+E's overflow
no relief can be found...

so we turn up the fans
cool water in fridges
make more ice 
eat icecream
crank up the air-con
open the fridge door
drive to the coast...

so we use more resources 
burn fossil fuels
drain finite resources 
feed global warming 
unstabilising the weather
making it still hotter
and hotter
and hotter
and hotter...

so we go round and round 
and get hotter and hotter
hotter more often
get another heatwave 
heatwaves more often
another heatwave 

and more
and more 
and more!



What has happened to me?
Where am I?
Where is this thing taking me?
How can I have been taken away from myself
I still look like me on the outside
only on the inside have I changed.

I seem to have left this body that was once mine and now I inhabit somewhere in between
in between here and...
well I just don't know.

I had a life
I did many things
I could do many things...
but not now
They have taken things from me because of it.
my job and my car.
I can't remember how to drive!
I seem to be entering a long dark tunnel
but what is at the end of it...
I'm not really sure!

Will this darkness engulf me?
Is this fear on my face or just confusion?
How can I be surrounded by a past I can recal
but in a 'now' that isn't mine?
Forgive me if I seem rude when you speak
If I don't quite remember who you are
or don't quite follow your thread of conversation
That isn't the me I really am
I once was...
for if you knew the me I once was
you will know I'm not like that

But can you tell me where I am heading?
Where am I now?
Where is the me I used to be?