raindrops fall
and rainwater collects
making puddles which over-flow
forming streams which get trapped 
forming puddles which over-flow once again

as the clouds then depart
and the rain finally stops
all the puddles finally dry
and the streams disappear 
as the sun 
once again 
dries the land


You mean that which occurs 
or is occurring at 
or connected with 
the time that someone dies
or do you mean the seed-bearing part of a plant
consisting of the reproductive organs that are typically surrounded by brightly coloured petals?

A novel.
You mean a fictitious prose narrative 
of book length
typically representing character and action with some degree of realism
or do you mean a secret word or phrase that must be used to gain admission to a file 
a place 
or a location?

Do you mean a vocal and instrumental blend 
combined in such a way as to produce beauty in the form of harmonies 
as an expression of emotion
or do you mean a free-swimming marine invertebrate 
with a gelatinous bell or saucer-shaped body that is typically transparent and which can have stinging tentacles around the edge?

An affair.
Do you mean a sexual relationship between two people 
one or both of whom are either married or in a relationship with someone else
or do you mean a long curved fruit which grows in clusters and has soft pulpy flesh and yellow skin when ripe?

Do you mean an inability to think as clearly or as quickly as you normally would
or do you mean being given the definition of something completely different to that which you were asking for?


Problems? What problems?
Some people would love to have
your problems! Think on.


Here we go! Yellow
Porsche 'midlife crisis' with
a matching T-shirt


Portly girth and choice
of snack belyes the marathon 
T-shirt and trainers