Child knew Mum would say
no to his choice with 'that' look;
but tried anyway!


Man parks next to bin
to empty his rubbish then
goes and buys some more!


After a long dry spell the rain came,
very heavy rain!
Rain that bounced off the pavement,
the cars,
the rooftops.
Roads turned into rivers,
drains struggled to cope.
Driveways became a white water rafting courses.
The dry ground shrugged it all off.
Puddles grew on front lawns,  and rapidly became ponds.
Everywhere puddles formed,
growing and growing and growing.
Things washed down the street,
were we all going to be washed away?


All of a sudden...

As quickly as it started...

What seemed like would go on forever...



Man; bluetooth headset
on; hoping someone will call
so he can look cool!


A house is merely 
a shelter. A home is the
love that lives within.

Come Let's Take A Drive

"Come let's take a drive on this sunny day in May!
Cook can make a picnic for a stop along the way.
Scones and cake and sandwiches,
'Chablis' chilled and pork-pie snug,
in the 'Harrods' picnic hamper,
'thermos' full and comfy rug!

Come let's take a drive and head down towards the coast,
the bracing air will do us good,
the beach can be our host! 
We'll join the 'twenty-seven' and make Brighton by 'half-ten'
I'll put my foot down; make her
There and back again!

Oh why the pause; oh why the hold up; what is the delay?
The road so full of motor cars,
oh please don't spoil our day!
Slowed to a crawl its 'five past ten' we'll not be there for tea!
The food will spoil,
the radiator will boil,
and will we see the sea?

Sat in this queue with the temperature rising,
the chablis now warm and the thermos's gone cold.
Oh silly me; what is it we're doing, 
stuck in this jam,
stuck with everyone queuing...

Brighton will go missing
oh radiator stop hissing!
oh what am I going to do!"